Hello, I'm Aagam Vadecha

A Software Engineer from India.

About Me

Having pursued B.Tech - Computer Engineering, I have developed a strong liking for Software Development and Deployment. I have the desire to learn more, learn fast, and adapt to the best technology available as time and project requirements permit. I love to write blogs for problems I have struggled to find proper solutions online. Focused on producing quality code, well-configured infrastructure, and scalable and maintainable System Designs, I aim to become a successful Software Engineer. 


Full Stack Development

Learning new things is always fascinating. Proficient with JavaScript, can cope up with Python and Java.


Isn't it Amazing! How CI/CD reduces time to market for new features.
Always excited to set up Pipelines.

Always Learning

Got a different Tech Stack with more benefits? I'll be happy to move and adapt as underlying concepts are more or less similar.


Aagam is a very knowledgeable engineer and loves DevOps and Cloud Engineering. He is also an excellent Full Stack Developer and can work in a variety of technologies. He has good team-work skills and is an asset to the team. He is a good communicator and listener and easily builds a good rapport with anyone he works with. He focuses on details that others would easily miss and also quickly delivers the work. He would make sure the job gets done well. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work with him.

Aagam got acquainted with our exisiting ERP Web App quite quickly. In just a short span of two months, he helped us with development, testing, as well as securing our websites with SSL certificates. One of his major achievements was making our deployments smoother by setting up a CI/CD workflow which helped us deliver feature updates a lot faster. It was a pleasure mentoring Aagam.

To my surprise, Aagam was an excellent contributor to our team. For a second-year student to be so much active, hard-working, timely reporting, and always getting the work done was something rare. Aagam quickly grasped our methodologies and stood up to our expectations, He willingly went the extra mile to bring optimal solutions in our projects. The positive attitude of his with an appetite for learning new things was just icing on the cake. For sure, we are even looking to work with Aagam again.


Surat, Gujarat,


Email: dev@aagamv.me
Phone: +91 8401042607