Work Experience

November 2020 - Present

Actonate IT Solutions 

Software Development Engineer (SDE)- 1

  • Key Technologies: React.js, React-Native, Node.js, GraphQL and AWS Services.
  • Worked on a Healthcare solution, developed features for Android, IOS as well as Web Applications for the product using React and React Native.
  • Wrote Efficient GraphQL resolvers and Elasticsearch queries for our API.

December 2019 - October 2020
11 Months

Bharat Tech Labs 

Full Stack Developer (5 Months)

  • Key Technologies: AWS, Node.js, Vue.js, GraphQL.
  • Working on a Serverless Architectured Telephone Answering Service Project.
  • Working on a Scalable and Distributed Architectured Website Monitoring System Project.
  • Setting Up and Maintaining CI/CD Pipelines for MonoRepo based porjects.
  • Deployment and Setting Up Cloud Infrastructure with AWS, Docker and Kubernetes.

Full Stack Developer Intern (6 Months)

  • Key Technologies: AWS, Node.js, Vue.js, GraphQL.
  • Worked on a Telephone Answering Service Project
  • Sharpened Node.js and Debugging skills to the next level.
  • Understood how critical Code Design and System Design is for any software to be built and further for maintenance.
  • Set up different CI / CD Workflow the TAS MonoRepo project
  • I learned a lot through Up-Skill days. Every Wednesday here was dedicated to learn something out of the box.
  • Majority of work done includes Software Development and Deployment with best practices.

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May - June 2019
2 Months

Extreme Business Intelligence

Full Stack Developer/DevOps Intern

  • Key Technologies: AWS, Node.js, Ghost Inspector, Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Worked on the Company's Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  • Set up a CI/CD pipeline for company's product software using AWS Codedeploy and Bitbucket-pipelines.
  • Set up SSL certificates for Static Web Sites hosted via AWS S3,Cloudfront and configured the same for Backend based sites hosted on AWS EC2.
  • Did Integration and Unit testing of the Product Software using Ghost Inspector.
  • Understood and implemented entry level containerization with Docker.
  • Started contributing to open source by writing tech blogs on medium.

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May - June 2018
2 Months

Sunday Pyjamas 

Full Stack Developer Intern

  • Key Technologies: Python, Node.js, AWS, Rest API
  • Worked on a Serverless architectured Flight and Hotel booking project which used AWS Lambda Functions and other AWS Services.
  • Professional training on Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.js and Python
  • The principles of Agile software development importance of Team Work and Scrums.
  • Configuration tasks on cloud servers on AWS EC2 and GCP which were required by the company like installing Wordpress.
  • Setting up SSL certificates using LetsEncyrpt for the company's website.
  • Back-end development with Node.js, set up the Authentication module in an E-Wallet project using Passport.js.

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